Safety is our number one priority at Ravenwood Sporting Clays. This is a fun, competitive sport, but when handling firearms of any type an extra degree of caution should always be exercised, regardless of how comfortable a person may be in a shooting environment.

Ravenwood's target course through the woods has been laid out by one of the nation's top course designers specifically with safety in mind. The layout of each of our 14 stations has been carefully adjusted to ensure that the shot from each station travels in a safe direction. And thanks to a safe distance between stations, you will never be able to fire your shotgun and have your shot reach another station along the cart-path.

We believe the best way to teach firearm safety is to practice it. We require all shooters to wear eye protection and ear protection on our course. The maximum allowable shot size we allow on our course is 7 1/2 -- participants will not need anything more powerful than that to break our clay targets.